Tuesday, September 13, 2011

OPI The "It" Color (3/31)

I found folders of swatches created on August 30. Hooray for acting ahead!

OPI's The "It" Color was the second bottle of OPI that I ever purchased so it is special to me, as evidenced by the fact that it's about halfway empty. Or halfway full, whatever floats your boat. It's part of the Mod About Brights collection released in 2008.

I want them all. But living where I live, where nothing's ever readily available, you learn to make do with what is.

indoor lighting, no flash

This is surprisingly a very flattering and not at all hard to wear shade of yellow. Application was a bit streaky but can be evened out with a third (generous) coat. Creme finishes are my favorite kind of polish, since they come in just about any color. Plus they're great for wearing alone. If you haven't noticed by now, I'm not such a big fan of nail art. The simpler ones I'm fine with, but stamping and freehand manis are not for me.

indirect sunlight, no flash

Are you in love yet? Normally yellow is a tricky color to wear but you got to admit, this one's not too bad.

I wish Pantone makes their own brand of nail polish in all of their colors. That would be awesome.

xo Nicia

ORLY Chica Boom (2/31)

Thankfully I have a few swatches that I saved up exactly for times like this. The pictures are not of the greatest quality but I think they'd have to do. This blog is in desperate need of revival, as a blogger once told me that the key to a successful blog is to post everyday. Such a big impossibility for someone like me, so I opt to blog on a weekly basis. More, if I'm not lazy. And when my nail grows back. And when I get a keyboard that actually works.


Orly Chica Boom is part of the Carnivale collection that was released in 2009. It has a jelly finish meaning it required three coats (or more, but in this case just three) to be opaque. It's the usual Orly formula, kind of hard to apply but gorgeous on the nails.

indoor lighting, no flash

I love it. Reminds me of juicy oranges for some reason. I'm not such a big fan of jelly finishes but I think I'm slowly warming up to them.

indirect sunlight

It's so glossy and cheerful without having to be too bright. Bright colors tend to be picky when it comes to lighting. You think your mani looks great when you first have it on but once you step into the next room it just looks wrong. Don't you just hate that?

I'll try to look for more swatches that I haven't posted. I'm pretty sure they're among the massive amount of folders conveniently called New Folder under another New Folder under another New Folder. Great.

Just great.

xo Nicia

The One Where I Don't Make Up Excuses & Actually Tell The Truth

Okay, so two things!

One. My left index nail broke, right to the nail bed. I tried to salvage it for a little under two weeks by putting on a really thick manicure, which worked for a while, but washing my hair (and doing pretty much everything else) had proven to be such an ordeal that I really had no choice but to cut the whole thing off before things get too ugly. And since that left me with one nail looking like it belonged to my feet, I had to file down the rest of my nails. I guess I could still do swatches, but that one miniature nail really bothers the crap out of me. So I'm waiting to grow it out to an acceptable length (to me, there's really no standard, my nails just look better long)and then I'd even everything out and hope for the best. I swear I would throw a fit when I break another nail in the process. I should really invest in a nail strengthener asap.

Two. My keyboard is broken and I'm using an onscreen one, so imagine just how hard it would be to blog even with perfectly fine nails. Geez, that first point took me over twenty minutes to type. So excuse me if I end this now, but I'd be back to regularly updating this as soon as things get in order.

So that's it. Hope things are looking better for you guys.

xo Nicia