Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The One Where I Don't Make Up Excuses & Actually Tell The Truth

Okay, so two things!

One. My left index nail broke, right to the nail bed. I tried to salvage it for a little under two weeks by putting on a really thick manicure, which worked for a while, but washing my hair (and doing pretty much everything else) had proven to be such an ordeal that I really had no choice but to cut the whole thing off before things get too ugly. And since that left me with one nail looking like it belonged to my feet, I had to file down the rest of my nails. I guess I could still do swatches, but that one miniature nail really bothers the crap out of me. So I'm waiting to grow it out to an acceptable length (to me, there's really no standard, my nails just look better long)and then I'd even everything out and hope for the best. I swear I would throw a fit when I break another nail in the process. I should really invest in a nail strengthener asap.

Two. My keyboard is broken and I'm using an onscreen one, so imagine just how hard it would be to blog even with perfectly fine nails. Geez, that first point took me over twenty minutes to type. So excuse me if I end this now, but I'd be back to regularly updating this as soon as things get in order.

So that's it. Hope things are looking better for you guys.

xo Nicia


  1. :( i feel your pain, i finally decided i need to even out my long nails to match my nubs. AND invest in some Nail Envy. :(

  2. @Joy Thanks, I was thinking about giving Nail Envy a shot.