Monday, August 8, 2011

Etude House - PP007

I've only discovered the Korean brand Etude House a week ago while I was strolling around the mall. I was instantly drawn to the colorful nail polish selection that they have. What I'm wearing right now is PP007.

with flash

PP007 is a purple polish with scattered holo glitter with a smooth and glossy finish. I put on three coats but could have gotten away with just two. Would you believe that I took these pictures FIVE days after I painted my nails, with no top coat! Pretty impressive, right? You can see very minimal tipwear, but that could have been avoided with a good top coat (which I am still yet to find, suggestions at the comment box please). This color is really hard to photograph as it looks really blue in some pictures. It's a muted mauve purple, not that bright and looks pink in under some lights.

Don't you just love how cute that bottle is? I have a few more nail polish from that brand to swatch when I get tired of this mani. I doubt that would be anytime soon, though. It is gorgeous!

xo Nicia

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  1. Hey! I found you on the Emerald Sparkled blog where I also added my new blog :) I love this colour! I personally like pink and purple holos better because they still look good on me when there is no sunlight. ( I've always thought silver looks really cheap on me ) I've never heared of this brand before, but I'm impressed by the wear! I personally really like the Rimmel pro super wear topcoat. It's a nice jelly and really makes my manicures last a lot longer!